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Here is Our Favorite Compound Telescope and Why

We explain our favorite compound telescope based on design, functionality, and price. The first thing to understand before seeing our favorite compound telescope is to understand the difference between a compound telescope and reflector.

Back in the seventeenth century, the invention of the refractor telescope was a miracle in the world of science and astronomy. It was deemed the go-to tool for sky gazing, till the invention of the reflector telescope by Sir Isaac Newton. This became the new hot favorite for astronomers from that time until now. Refactor telescopes are versatile as they are the ideal telescope for newbies as well as the experts.

The reflector telescope makes use of two mirrors to reflect the image of the subject and creates a very crisp and bright picture of the visual you are looking at. This makes gazing at the stars easier and much more fun than compared to the other telescope.

About Compound Telescopes

The compound telescope is the one that makes use of both the reflector and refractor techniques in one telescope so you can enjoy viewing in the sky with the lens and the mirrors at the same time.

If you are planning to get a new telescope, here we are to introduce the most amazing telescope we know of.

Celston NexStar 130 STL Computerized is the Best Compound Telescope

As the name implies, this telescope is the computerized version of the telescope and it is used to search the skies with great accuracy. Let’s have a look at its features to see why we selected it.


  • Fully automated design and the computerized mode of operation makes it a very easy to operate and understand telescope
  • The database has above 4000 objects memory to make your sky search a fruitful experience
  • The alignment is easy. You can align three objects at a time with the telescope and the fast alignment helps study various objects simultaneously
  • There are two softwares installed in the telescope that help you connect the telescope with the computer easily, these softwares are named The Sky level 1 planetarium and NSOL telescope control software
  • A stainless steel tripod stand to hold the telescope and to easily place the telescope on it
  • Database for your location that includes addresses from US and other countries
  • Battery and the cord are placed in a separate socket with the lid so that the cord does not get tangled with hand and handle to operate
  • The Newtonian design used makes the images be color clear and very crisp in details
  • An auxiliary port is also attached to the telescope that provides a point to link several other devices to the telescope as well such as GPS


  • Wide field views
  • Light and portable
  • Computerized go-to tracking


  • Sensitive to vibration
  • Short battery life


If you are looking forward to purchase a computerized and highly efferent telescope for star gazing, then our recommendation is to get the Celestron NexStar 130 SLT Computerized Telescope.



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