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The Celestron 21045 114mm Equatorial PowerSeeker Reflector Telescope Review

Something astronomical is always happening somewhere, and that is in the literal sense. The technology and communities even of just reflector telescopes today have become accurate and verifiable enough that a single meteor hitting the earth’s atmosphere can make news all around the world days before it even enters the orbit of earth.

Star parties can be scheduled months in advance – Venus intruding on the Earth’s orbit is the flavor of the media attention for the week. And then there is you still looking to buy cheap reflector telescopes.

The Price…

You are certainly going to come across the Celestron 21045 114mm Equatorial PowerSeeker Reflector telescope in your initial quest to find your very own telescope. Its competitive price will be the first reason it enters your list of choices.

Compared to other reflecting telescopes on even professional astronomers’ wish lists, this Celestron will definitely stand out with regards to its price tag. And if you take a closer look at the specifications, it performs quite well for a telescope in its price range.

The Optics and Eyepiece of the Celestron – Separately and in Combination

The quality of the lenses of refractor telescopes are its main features. The Barlow lens used in this Celestron The Celestron Equatorial PowerSeeker Telescope Revieware 3x, just like the Orion SkyQuest XT8 which surprisingly yields images with better quality even without the higher magnification. You can see 2.65 million light years away into the heart of the Messier 32 Galaxy – and that is all because of the quality of Celestron optics.

No plastic for you – just glass optics fully treated and coated to get you the best and brightest images. Just with the K20 eyepiece of the Celestron, you can get a decent view of Saturn, and never mind its main lenses, so you get a sense of its optics.

To get better views with the Celestron, you have a couple of eyepieces to play with, and match the distance of the heavenly body you are viewing with the correct one. So along with the 3x Barlow lens, you also get the 20mm and the 4mm eyepieces with the package.

The Shortcoming and Solution for the Celestron

Setting up any telescope is always a chore. The one good thing about the Celestron is that it is portable – you can drive outside the range of light-polluted cities and into clearer night skies where yo can appreciate the universe more with your Celestron that can be united arab emirates shipping.

The one common complaint with this Celestron in reflector telescope reviews is its tripod. Blamed for being unstable and shaky, beginners will always find it hard to set up the tripod alone, but not when you have help.

The tripod is going to be the foundation for your telescope, and will determine how well you track an object across the night sky, but even that is already an advanced skill – setting up the telescope properly should be the first thing you learn. Ask an experienced astronomer to help you, instead of insisting on a loose tripod.

Baby steps should be on your mind. You don’t get to see the Andromeda Galaxy in your first night as a beginning astronomer. Practice setting up your telescope first on a level floor, and look at the universe from your home.

Even if this Celestron has an equatorial mount, don’t even think of astrophotography just yet – practice setting up your telescope first.
Your Ticket to Astronomers’ Communities

The online communities of astronomers are great ways to source good information about telescopes, or to get an invitation to star parties for the next great event in the universe. Your ticket is your telescope, not only for peering across galaxies but also into people with common interests, interested only with sharing the wonders of

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