Telescopes & Binoculars Reviews


Everything you need to know to SEE CLEARLY. Our passion for viewing the earth through the lenses of clarity is made evident through our detailed product reviews and guides.


Specializing in making the complex simple. When beginning your journey into exploration we will lead the way with everything you need to know about the latest equipment. Our passion is to lead the next generation of explorers into exploring the beauty of our earth and beyond to OTHER EARTHS.  See our latest buyers guide for everything you need to know before your purchase your next telescope or pair of binoculars. We will always recommend the best telescopes and binoculars based on our extensive experience. Our latest reviews include: the Celestron Equatorial, the Orion Space Probe, Mixnon's Binoculars, and much more. 

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Exploration is the desire to know what is not yet known!

We are surrounded by so much more than we normally take the time to investigate. The beauty we overlook isn't the only way we miss out – we ultimately lose out on the innovation brought fourth from the passion of discovering new things. Simplicity is a wonderful thing, but it often gets in the way of exploration. Don't become complacent with what you see with your naked eyes. Become explorers.

--Richard Gain |