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Here is Our Favorite Refractor Telescope and Why

If you are looking forward to invest your money in the purchase of a new telescope for your kid, then this article is going to help you a lot. As we know that there are various types of the telescopes depending upon the functionality and requirement for the task. If your child is a fan of astronomy and loves to peak in the outer space, then the refractor telescope is the best that it going to suit him.

A refractor telescope is the one that makes use of the lens and objective to create the image. It is also known as a dioptric telescope and is the simplest of all the telescopes out there. Due to its simple design, it is easy to operate and the reason why it is best recommended for the kids who start learning astronomy.

Orion 9534 is the Best Value Refractor Telescope

If you are looking for the options from the refractor telescopes to purchase, then here we are to tell you that the best telescope that you can invest you money in is the Orion 9534 ED80T. From the reliable name of Orion, this telescope is a perfect on for gazing at the skies as it is equipped with all the modern and exceptional qualities that you need.

Why We Like the Orion 9534 and Why You Should Buy It

Here’s a quick breakdown of why this Orion model is the best value of the refractor telescopes in this price range.


  • The telescope is equipped with a specially designed extra-low depression glass that is very helpful and has exceptional resolution that is free of any kind of aberrations
  • The extra low depression glass helps create very crisp images and the true color of the objective is preserved, helping the user visualize the things just the way they are
  • What makes the telescope perfect for the ideal image capturing is the fast focal length that is f/6 and also the 80mm aperture that is ideal for capturing the details of the simple visuals and all the other astronomical applications
  • The light weightiness of the telescope is another feature that makes it a popular one amongst the others. You can pack it in your back, hike all the way up the mountain, place a camp and enjoy gazing at the stars
  • The telescope is easy to use and simplest in the design, one of the major reasons why it is popular in the amateur astronomer who cannot yet understand the complex structure of the other telescopes


  • Easy to operate
  • Light in weight
  • Gives amazing results


  • Could be expensive due to lens


The assembly of the telescope is great, it is light in weight, easy to operate and yet gives the ideal results, therefore it is the most popular telescope not only for the astronomers and the young explorers but also the people working in the field of visual imaging and graphics designing.



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